Stranded in the Material World, Iakob fights tirelessly against the undead and the forces that command them.

  • Class: Avenger
  • Deity: Raven Queen
  • Alignment: Unaligned (Lawful Neutral)
  • Abilities: 10 STR, 13 CON, 18 DEX, 12 INT, 17 WIS, 10 CHA
  • Defenses: 22 AC, 17 FORT, 19 REF, 18 WILL
  • Skills: Acrobatics +8, Athletics +7, Perception +10, Religion +8, Stealth +13
  • Features: Shadow Jaunt, Censure of Pursuit, Oath of Enmity
  • Feats: Spiked Chain proficiency, Leather Armor proficiency, Raven Queen’s Blessing
  • Channel Divinity: Abjure Undead, Divine Guidance, Raven Queen’s Blessing
  • At Will Attacks: Bond of Pursuit, Overwhelming Strike
  • Encounter Attacks: Angelic Alacrity, Sequestering Strike
  • Daily Attacks: Temple of Light, Executioner’s Cloak
  • Utility Powers: Distracting Flare
  • Weapon: Eversleep, Lullaby Spiked Chain +1
  • Implement: Holy Symbol of Mortality +1
  • Armor: Shared Suffering Leather +1
  • Neck: Cloak of Walking Wounded +2
  • Consumables: Ghoststrike Oil (Level 3), one dose
  • Cash: 20 gp
  • Mundane equipment: Adventurer’s Kit, 20 feet of chain, 3 ceremonial daggers

Iakob Morley is a Shadar-Kai, a mortal from a plane parallel to the Material World known as the Shadowfell. Appearing as a grim mirror of an eladrin, Iakob has a slim and taut build, sallow gray skin, buzzed hair hidden by a dark cloak, and jet-black eyes with a gaze always fixed on his target. In combat he is a swirling tempest of chains moving with catlike agility, darting between shadows in a puff of darkness and reemerging as a hazy figure nearby.

Woe betide one who is locked in Iakob’s weapon, Eversleep: they will find themselves helplessly dragged around and hurled through the Shadowfell into the midst of their enemies, and hounded by attacks if they attempt to flee. Once Iakob swears an oath, either he or the enemy will be dead before the encounter’s end. When he lands a killing blow and personally fulfills his oath, he inflicts a mark upon his own flesh using one of his ceremonial daggers. The scars remind him that no amount of vengeance will ever right the wrongs visited upon their victims, spurring him to actively seek evil and destroy it before it can cause harm.

Iakob hailed from the Shadowfell counterpart to Erathis Watch, a city called Gloomwrought. As a member of a religious sect called the Doomguides, Iakob fought demons and undead alongside his companions. These creatures are anathema to the works of the gods and the natural cycle of life, and as devout followers of The Raven Queen and her master, Kelemvor, the Doomguides hunt down and destroy them wherever they appear.

Recently, the worship of Zehir had taken a sinister turn, and the Doomguides were sent to investigate. As the god of Darkness, Zehir is worshiped in the Shadowfell by the common folk in much the same way that Pelor, god of the Sun, is worshiped in the natural world. Lately, however, a new and more violent sect had taken command of the church, led by medusas and preaching a new gospel of poison, hatred, and destruction. A secret mission was discovered: to open a portal from the Temple of Zehir to its counterpart, the Temple of Bahamut, and there to assassinate Brahm the Shining and murder the heroes who had defeated Ghuladonkaranamis, Zehir’s new exarch.

The Doomguides confronted these evil creatures as they were performing their ritual. Iakob’s allies engaged the medusa priestess and the acolytes maintaining the portal, while he fearlessly pursued the cockatrices and dark ones through the breach. Once the portal had been sealed and the monsters defeated, Iakob found himself in a strange, bright new world, with no allies and no way home.

Taisimo, Paladin of Bahamut, extended a warm welcome to this strange, shadowy visitor from another world, and after convincing him of their common objectives, Iakob firmly swore to serve and aid his divinely empowered allies against the works of chaos and corruption.


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